St. Paul's welcomes all who seek God in community.  We challenge one another to grow in spirit and compassion.  We invite all into joyful worship, service and learning.  Christ claims us through Water, Word, and Meal so we are gathered, forgiven, fed, and sent to be workers with God and all creation in the redemption of the world.


Summer worship July 2 - September 3:  10 am

Youth Education:  On Summer break

Adult Education:  On Summer break

All are welcome to worship with us as we celebrate God in song, scripture, communion and prayer. 


So glad you found us. Best way to learn about us is to come to worship, meet people, and find a group. Click here for more information.


Click on the photos or go to our events page to learn more.  Hope to see you there!

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  • pastor betty landis

    Pastor Betty is passionate about partnering, collaborating, sharing, and serving together with Christian, Interfaith, and non-faith communities. She believes that Jesus’ care and love for the hungry, hurting, homeless, rejected, despised, and misunderstood is the best model for living a grace-centered, cross-"eccentric" life. 

  • Dr. Kurt Westerberg, Music DIrector

    Kurt Westerberg uses his many talents to lead the musical side of St. Paul's.  He switches from piano to organ with ease, directs the choir, and arranges music for the choir and guest instrumentalists.  When he's not a St. Paul's helping guide the worship services, he's at the DePaul University School of Music, where he teaches musicianship and composition while serving as the Associate Dean of Academics.